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Think Renter’s Insurance is Only for Your “Stuff”? Think Again!

Typically, renters don’t believe they need insurance.  We hear it all the time at Abco Insurance Agency.  But renter’s insurance is about a lot more than furniture, electronics and other belongings.

Even if you don’t believe you need renter’s insurance because you don’t have a lot of expensive stuff in your place, you’re not looking at the whole picture.

Renter’s insurance is inexpensive and can save you a lot of money, should something unforeseen happen.  Let’s look at what it can do to protect you.

Loss of use

In the event of a fire, your apartment complex could be irreparably damaged – perhaps even destroyed entirely.  And that stuff you don’t think is worth much of anything?  Gone.

You may need to stay in a hotel until you find another place.  And how are you going to cook for yourself?  Eating out can cost a bundle.

You’ll need another place to live.  Finding a comparable apartment can take a long time in this market.  Then there’s your first month’s rent and the deposit.

But renter’s insurance covers you in the event you lose your place to live, protecting you from the high cost of re-locating and starting over.

Personal liability

Don’t think it can happen to you?  We live in an increasingly litigious society.  People sue coffee shops for coffee that’s too hot.  That’s how bad it’s gotten.

What if your dog bites someone?  What if a close friend comes over and trips over the cat?  You may believe that no one you know would be petty enough to sue, but like the title says – think again!

Renter’s insurance will hold you covered for any legal expenses arising in the event of a liability lawsuit, even covering you if the court rules in the plaintiff’s favor.

PRO-TIP:  Make your agency aware of all dogs in your apartment and their breeds, as some hounds may not be covered.

About your stuff

Are you completely sure that your stuff isn’t worth anything?  Were there to be a fire in your apartment building and you lost everything, how much would it cost to replace your belongings?

Even your clothes aren’t cheap to replace at today’s prices, but furniture, collectibles, electronics and artwork can add up to a lot of money.  And what about that vintage Grateful Dead poster?  It’s worth money.

Renter’s insurance holds you covered, so you can start over from scratch.

Take a moment, right now.  Sit down and tally up the value of the contents of your apartment.  You’ll be surprised at how impressive that number is, even if you think your stuff isn’t worth much.  Having to replace it all can be a costly endeavor.

Abco Insurance Agency

Since 1979, Abco has been insuring thousands of individuals and businesses, collating quotes from 25 different insurers to get you the best coverage possible, at the best prices.

Life happens.  Tomorrow, your rented apartment may be flooded by a burst pipe or consumed by a fire.  Let Abco protect you against life going sideways.

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