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Road Trip Tips for a Safer Drive

It’s definitively “windows-down” driving season. That means more people enjoying everything that the road has to offer. Nothing really defines the carefree summer drive as much a road trip. Hitting the highway, solo or with a group of friends, can lead you to adventure, relaxation, and brand-new experiences. But it’s important to not let the fun and excitement make you forget that the road can be a dangerous place and that proper caution needs to be observed. Here are a few tips to make sure your road trip is safe.

Emergency Supplies

There’s a lot you’ll want to bring with you on a road trip. But one of the major things that Americans forget when preparing to hit the road is to pack emergency supplies. This doesn’t necessarily have to be an extensive bug-out kit of survival gear, but you should plan accordingly and pack a first aid kit, some tools like a utility knife, plyers, and a lighter, some water, some food, and anything else that you may need in a pinch. Especially if you’re traveling far, it’s a good idea to make sure you have emergency items to get you out of a sticky situation and keep you alive and comfortable if you become stranded.

Have a Plan … But Be Prepared to Divert from It

Before heading out on any adventure, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a plan. Flying by the seat of your pants is all good for the minor details of the trip, but your general route and itinerary should be planned in advance. Of course, you should allow for the possibility that this may change. But by knowing this ahead of time, you’ll be able to have a clear picture of where you’re headed and how you’re getting there. This makes it easier for you to adapt quickly if a road is out, you get lost, or something else unexpected happens to divert you from your route. It’s also a good idea to have a physical map with you for areas where there may be no service.

Focus on the Road

Most importantly, you need to make sure that you’re not adding danger to the road by driving while distracted. Distracted driving is one of the most dangerous things we do while on the road. Make sure you’re not looking at your phone or doing other things that can limit your ability to react to hazards on the road. It’ll be easy enough after spending so much time in the car to start doing these things, so be mindful and make sure you pull over in a safe place before answering your phone.


It’s important to help limit risks by having the appropriate insurance plan too. Of course, vehicle insurance is a necessity if you’re on the road, but you’ll also want peace of mind, knowing your home and possessions are safe while you’re on your trip. ABCO Insurance Agency Inc. can help you find the perfect insurance plan, so contact us today!

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Don’t Let Your Guard Down – Spring-Time can be Dangerous

Spring is a time that people rejoice in. The weather changes and the trees and flowers start to bloom. It’s really a great time of year and full of life. But life, as many of us know, is unpredictable. And even in these moments of joy and life, disaster is possible. Spring is a great time of year, but there are risks that come along with the spring weather. Here are a few of the possible problems you should be wary of and be sure not to let your guard down just because it’s warm enough to wear short sleeves. And be sure you have an insurance plan that will protect you!


April showers bring May flowers, as they say. But rain can also cause major damage to your home and property. Especially after severe winter weather, your home’s defenses may be weakened. Your gutters may not be diverting water away from your house in the right way, or your roof may have damage you didn’t notice. It’s important to make sure that your home is prepared for spring rains. Water damage can ruin your home’s foundation, leak into your ceilings and walls, and flood your basement. Don’t let spring fever make you neglectful.

Mud and Flooding

With rain comes two other potentially disastrous spring conditions: mud and flooding. If you live in an area prone to flooding, you need to be ready for spring storms that may bring heavy rain. Be sure to take proper precautions and follow any instructions from officials if roads flood. It’s easy to misjudge a flooded road and swamp your car. As for mud, you should be aware that mud can be a dangerous element. Loose, muddy ground caused by rain can make it easier for trees to come down during storms. Not to mention, mudslides can wash out roads, and lead to major destruction. Be aware of muddy areas, steep inclines, and runoff around your home.


With all this talk of rain and water, you may think that fire is not a major problem during spring, but you may not be thinking about the fact that spring is also a time for night-time firepits. As a warm day turns into a cool night, a lot of people like to have backyard fires to keep friends and family warm during get-togethers. High winds and dry conditions can make this potentially risky. Be sure to pay attention to weather and warning before having a backyard fire this spring.


Of course, you hope that none of this will be an issue for you, but you can protect yourself and be sure that if it does, you’ll be able to recover with the right insurance plan. ABCO can help you find the perfect plan. Contact us today to discuss what types of insurance will work best for you.

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Practical Insurance: Make Sure You’re Appropriately Insured

Insurance is a necessity. No doubt about that. But practical insurance does not mean that you need to or should insure every item in your home, or purchase insurance plans that are not relevant to you. You need to find insurance plans that work for you, your budget, your line of work, and more. Here is a quick guide to help you figure out what insurance items are necessary, practical, or not needed.

For Everyone

The first thing to note is that some insurance plans are necessary or, at least, should be considered by most people. One form of necessary insurance is car insurance. If you own a car, you are legally obligated to insure the car in order to be road legal. You can be fined for driving an uninsured vehicle and in the event of an accident, you’ll have to pay out of pocket. One form of insurance that almost everyone should consider is life insurance. You’re not too young to look into life insurance plans. These plans help you prepare for the future and ensure your family is always taken care of.

Your Specific, Individual Needs

Next, you’ll want to figure out what type of insurance is right for you. If you own a home, you’ll want a homeowner’s insurance plan. If you run a business, you may want to invest in different plans that relate to your work. You may need to insure a specific, expensive item in your home that’s separate from your homeowner’s plan. Flood insurance may be a good idea if you live in an area prone to flooding. It is really important to understand your risks and research what insurance plans may fit your needs best. You need to have a good idea of what you want to insure and what you can afford to insure.

Finding Your Plan

Once you understand what your needs are and have a general idea of what you want to insure, the best way to make sure you’re getting an appropriate insurance plan is by talking to experts. When you talk to insurance professionals, like those at ABCO Insurance Agency, you can be sure you’re getting the right coverage. We can help you find plans that cover you and fit your specific needs, because not everyone will have the same needs.

If you’re in need of insurance, or considering a new plan, ABCO can help. Contact our team today!


New Insurance for a New Year

A new year means new challenges, new triumphs, and a fresh slate. With luck, you’ll grow this year, meet the goals you’ve set for yourself, and achieve the things you’re hoping to achieve. That means that as the year goes on, hopefully, your life will have changed for the better. With change, comes uncertainty, though. And as you change, so do your insurance needs. Make sure you’re combatting the uncertainty of a new year and that your insurance plan fits you and your achievements this year.


As we move forward in our lives, we often change. With each new year, we’re faced with a brand-new set of obstacles and uncertainties. But those uncertainties don’t have to weigh heavily on us. The right insurance plan can help you balance the unknown with the assuredness that your possessions and future are secure from even the most unexpected events. An insurance plan that covers your valuables, your home, your vehicle, and your life may help you go into the new year confident and ready to face whatever comes your way.

Changing Circumstances

But with a new year also comes a new set of circumstances that may affect your insurance plan. Those circumstances may include a new home, a new child, a new car, a new job, or a number of other things that may change the definition of the “right insurance plan” for you. So, how do you navigate these changes and make sure you’re insured accordingly?

ABCO Insurance Agency Inc. can help you find a plan that fits you, your family, your possessions, and your needs. Insurance isn’t a cookie-cutter, ones-size-fits-all product. You need to find the right plan for you. That’s why a trusted agency can help you. Especially if you’re not very familiar with insurance products and what they may or may not cover. We’ll help you understand the plan you’re purchasing and make sure it fits you and your goals for 2019.


So, if you want to go into this new year confident and ready to face what challenges may arise, contact our team today to discuss how we can help you find an insurance plan in-line with your needs and goals!

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Be Prepared for Life with the Right Insurance

Life happens. It’s a simple truth, but also a cliché that everyone has heard time and time again. The reason this saying is so popular is because it is true. There’s little that anyone can do to control life and the way the future unfolds. The best we can do is prepare for the future and hope for the best. One way that we prepare for the future is with insurance. We prepare for the worst-case scenario, so that we can rest assured that our possessions are secure and that our loved ones are provided for. Here are a few normal life situations that ABCO can help you prepare for.

Renter’s Insurance

Many people experience problems when they rent a property or apartment. Let’s imagine that you rent an apartment and a pipe breaks while your upstairs neighbors are away. The water runs through their apartment, through the floor and before you know it, your apartment is soaking wet. Your laptop, TV, and most of your furniture are ruined. With renter’s insurance, you don’t have to worry about the cost of replacing those items.

Car Insurance

Another common experience is a traffic accident. Sometimes car accidents happen and if you’re lucky enough to be unscathed, you’re still going to have to pay for repairs or a whole new car. Let’s say that you’re driving through an intersection as the light turns green. Someone in the opposite lane tries to quickly make a left and you wind up hitting them. Your car might be totaled and at the very least, you’ll have to repair your vehicle. Car insurance helps cover the cost of repairs or a replacement vehicle. That means you won’t have to pay totally out of pocket to get back on the road.

Life Insurance

Death is a normal and necessary part of life. As frightening as that can be, it’s always nice to know that in the event of your death, your loved ones won’t have to worry. Life insurance makes sure of this. With the right life insurance policy, you can be sure that when the time comes, those who depend on you won’t struggle.

If you need insurance, ABCO can help. Contact us today!

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Protect Your Dreams with the Right Insurance

People work incredibly hard to fulfill their dreams. You might have dreamt of a beautiful house in the country or that classic car you had a poster of when you were seventeen. Whatever you dreamt of, achieving those dreams can be a true milestone in your life. When you’ve put in the work and time to achieve your dreams, you’ll want to make sure that they’re not a liability. With insurance from ABCO, you can be sure your dream items are safe and secured, so that you don’t have to worry about them.

Your Dream House

Your home is an important part of your life. Particularly if you’ve bought the home of your dreams, you probably invested a lot of time and money in your home. If you’ve always had a mental image of what your home would look like, you probably worked hard to be able to afford that house, find that house, and then make that house a home. So, why would you let that dream disappear in the event of a disaster? It’s important that you insure your home and protect the investment you’ve made in it. Not only might your home be a dream, but it’s also an important financial asset. Make sure that you’re protecting that asset with the right home-owner’s insurance.

Your Dream Car

Some people truly love cars. Many even dream of having a very specific type of car. We all likely know someone who always wanted a vintage muscle car, a particular lifted SUV, or a beautiful sports car. If you’re one of these individuals and you’ve managed to finally get your hands on the wheel of your dream car, you probably wash it regularly and protect it from the elements and clumsy guests. If you protect your car from these more mundane possibilities, you should also be protecting it from unforeseen events. Not only is insurance necessary to drive the vehicle, but it will make sure you don’t lose the investment you’ve made in finding, purchasing, and protecting your dream car.

Protect Them

You can protect your dreams with insurance from ABCO. Don’t take a chance with your dreams and contact us today!

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What Prevents Homeowners from Being Approved for Insurance?

After shopping around and finding the right insurance, some homeowners are shocked to find they have been denied coverage. It’s not as uncommon as many searching for insurance are lead to believe. There are five common factors that often lead to insurance coverage being denied.

  1. Credit History. While your history of credit isn’t the only factor in being approved for insurance, it is certainly a factor. Insurers will want to see that you are not a liability and can make your payments.
  2. Geographic Location. Depending on how risky where you live has been deemed, you may not be able to get insurance. For instance, due to the wildfires in California, it is much more difficult to get coverage.
  3. Claim History. The more claims you have in your history, the bigger risk you are to insure. Claims can do more than just higher your premium; they can affect whether you can renew or get a new policy. Typically, insurers try to stay clear of those who have filed a claim in the past three years. If you’re close to the three-year mark of your last claim, it could pay to wait the remainder of the time before trying for a new policy.
  4. House Materials. Depending on the materials used when building your home, your roof and siding could be more susceptible to damage from weather elements, UV rays, and even deterioration that begins inside. Keeping everything in working order and performing regular maintenance will help you be approved for coverage.
  5. Pet Breed. Dog owners may have a harder time finding insurance, depending on their dog’s breed. Since dog bites account for one-third of all liability claims, insurance companies tend to steer away from dogs with a history of aggression or a breed that is considered aggressive.

If you are concerned about renewing a homeowner’s policy, don’t do it alone. Contact an ABCO agent today and we will work with your specific needs to find the right insurance company and policy for you. We take all factors into account before applying, taking the stress out of homeowner’s insurance.

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How to Save Money on Teen Car Insurance Rates

Adding a teenage driver to your policy could cost more than many unsuspecting parents realize. In some states, a rate can increase as much as 227% after adding a teen to an existing policy. While the cost will be much larger than adding an adult due to the inexperience of teen drivers, there are some ways to cut down on some of the costs.

Discounts for Teen or First Time Drivers

  • Good Student. For students with a GPA of 3.0 or above, or rank in the top 20 percent of their class, they could save anywhere from 5 to 25% on their insurance, depending on the company.
  • Driving Training Program. There are options in driving school and defensive driving classes that can save your teen between 5 and 15 percent on their insurance rates. Some insurance companies feel the driver’s education courses are part of the licensing process, but most give a good discount for defensive driving.
  • Low Mileage. If your teen only drives to school and back, or only runs errands, they could save big. These discounts start at 10,000 miles, but those that drive 7,000 or 5,000 annually could have huge savings.
  • Special Programs. Some insurance companies have their own programs set up for discounts. If your teen completes one of these programs, they could get a chunk cut out of their policy. These discounts vary highly from company to company.
  • Family Plan. Adding your teen driver to your plan could save on their premium through a family plan.
  • Student Away. If your child will be attending college more than 100 miles away and won’t be taking a car, they can get a significant discount since they won’t be driving. The discount can range between 5 and 35% off.
  • Car Monitors. Pay as you drive programs could be the best bet for a responsible teen driver that doesn’t use the car much. It tracks miles driven, braking, speed, and time of day to give significantly discounted rates.

Getting their first license and car should be an exciting time for a teen. Contact an ABCO agent today to shop around the different insurance companies and find out what discounts can work in your teen’s favor today!