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Restaurant Insurance: Protection in a Very Risky Business

A lot of people think they can start a restaurant because they have some great recipes or because they host great dinner parties. But the restaurant business is risky. In fact, most restaurants fail pretty early on after they open. That doesn’t include the potential risks outside of the balancing act of trying to make your restaurant successful. There are a lot of liability issues to contend with where fire, water, people, food, and alcohol come into close contact. Restaurant insurance is a necessity.

Kitchen Accidents

You’ve probably invested a lot of money in your restaurant, so it’s important to protect that investment. Restaurant insurance helps you protect your restaurant and your finances from the unpredictable. Considering that your kitchen uses fire, heat, electricity, and some sharp, potentially dangerous equipment, having the right insurance plan is imperative. Fire can cause damage to your property or even potential injuries to employees. The same goes for water in your kitchen or your dining room.

Guest Accidents

Not to mention that a successful restaurant is one with customers. Guests who come to your restaurant can potentially have accidents. Slipping and falling, tripping, and other potential accidents can lead to lawsuits and more. When someone comes into your restaurant you are responsible if they have an accident. It’s better to protect yourself instead of hoping the worst never happens. The right insurance plan will help protect you in the event that something happens.

Food Problems

There are also less obvious threats to your financial security in the restaurant game. Food can be immensely fickle. If there’s a power outage and you’re not aware of it, you may lose thousands of dollars in spoiled food. Employee theft can also lead to losses you were not prepared for. Replacing damaged equipment can also cost a lot, whether it’s your dishwasher, oven, broiler, or other kitchen implements.


The restaurant industry is not easy. Or a sure way to riches. But ABCO can help you find an insurance plan that will cover you for all of the above potential losses. That kind of coverage can help you recover from a disaster in a business already prone to potential failure. Contact us today to discuss restaurant insurance for you from ABCO.

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