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Prevent and Prepare for Burglars

Burglary is something that many people worry about. No matter where you live, thieves are a possibility that you should be prepared for. Here are some tips to prevent and recover from a burglary.

If You’re Traveling

Burglars often strike when you least expect it and are most vulnerable. That means they look for the most opportune times, particularly if you’re away for a long period. So, if you’re going on vacation or are going to be traveling, it’s best to make sure your home is safe while you’re away. To make your home look less appealing to burglars, make sure it looks like someone is home with these steps:

  • Don’t let mail build up on the step or in the mail box. Have someone pick up your mail or ask the post office to hold your mail while you’re away.
  • If you’re travelling in the summer, hire someone to mow your lawn.
  • Set up a light with an automatic timer for a few hours a night.
  • Make sure you lock all of your doors and windows before you leave.
  • Let the local police, friends, and family know you’ll be away and ask if they can check on your house.

When You Go to Bed

Another time when you’re vulnerable to burglars is when you’re asleep. Make sure your home is protected while you’re getting some shuteye with these tips:

  • Use an alarm system and arm it when you go to bed.
  • Lock all of your doors and window before you hit the hay.
  • Secure garage and shed doors every night.
  • Don’t leave valuable items out in the open, such as lawn movers or barbecue grills.
  • Use motion activated security lights near your doors or drive way.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle overnight.

Be Prepared

Even if you follow all the steps above, you may still find yourself the victim of a crafty burglar. In that event it’s best to be prepared with the information you’ll need to recoup what you’ve lost. You should keep an inventory of all of your most valuable items, such as jewelry and electronics. Include a description of the item, when it was bought, its original value, and any identification like serial numbers. Aside from that, you need to make sure that you have a great insurance plan that can help you recover what you’ve lost. The right homeowners plan can help you there. So, contact ABCO Insurance Agency, Inc. for the best coverage around!

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