Flood Waters

Why You Need to Consider Flood Insurance

If you live along the East Coast, you’ve likely been aware of the heavy rains that have been plaguing the area. Weeks and weeks of rain have left some of the nicest areas in states like New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania ruined and in need of some serious help. Flooding has wreaked havoc on small communities and large communities alike. It does not discriminate, washing out roads and highways and ruining homes of all kinds. And now with the height of hurricane season approaching, you need to consider flood insurance.

More Necessary than You Think

Flood insurance seems like an unnecessary purchase for many. But that isn’t so. Flooding can happen anywhere and is a major catastrophe for homes and businesses. Thinks about the devastation flooding can cause. Say it’s your basement that floods, you may lose anything from stored belongings or entire entertainment sets, depending on what you keep in your basement. But flooding doesn’t always only ruin basements.

Beyond Your Basement

The news has been full of images of homes that have been totally ruined by rain waters. Flooded creeks, rivers, and other bodies of water don’t only cause water damage but allow for the growth of dangerous black mold. And those flood waters aren’t always as clean as the streams that spilled their banks. In fact, flood waters can contain dangerous bacteria, chemicals, and pollutants that can ruin your home. This means you can completely lose your entire home to flood waters.


The good thing is that there are ways to protect your investments from the damages of flooding. ABCO Insurance Agency can help you get a quote on flood insurance that suits you and your needs. That could mean payment to restore and replace your home and belongings, or payment to help you rebuild after a catastrophe.

There’s no reason to leave your home and the investment it represents vulnerable to the possibility of flood damage. By contacting our expert team today, you can prepare yourself for the worst and rest assured that your home and belongings are protects.

So, call us today to discuss your options regarding flood insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or other insurance types you may be seeking.

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