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Life Insurance – Why You Should Pursue It

Life is uncertain and it has an expiration date.  And while we’re living in the moment, the future continues to loom.  But there’s little time to think about that as we enjoy life’s pleasures.  And one of those pleasures is having a family.

But the future’s still there.  What if, at some point, that future no longer includes you?  It’s a sad thought, but one which realistic, forward-thinking people address with life insurance.

If you have a family, what will happen to the people you love should you no longer be here to help them make their way through life?  If you’re the sole breadwinner, it’s a good question to ask and one that life insurance can help you answer.

More affordable than you think

Many people think about life insurance as a frill.  We all have bills to pay and our monthly earnings only go so far.  But did you know that life insurance is more affordable than you think?

Let’s think about it a little more.  The cost of life insurance is easily defrayed by the peace of mind it brings and the knowledge that your loved ones will be cared for, should you no longer be there to help.

The best thing about life insurance is that the younger you are when you buy it, the more affordable it is.  Lock in a rate under the age of 30 and you could be paying the equivalent of a week’s worth of Starbuck’s coffee and breakfast buns.  People under 40 can get an enviable rate if they think ahead and act while their policy costs remain low.

Of course, as you age policies climb in price, but they continue to be accessible.  But acting early makes life insurance an imminently affordable option.

Helping your loved ones

Life insurance is a gift you give your loved ones.  You’re telling them you care when you buy life insurance that covers them for both long-term and short-term needs.

Should you pass away unexpectedly, your loved ones will still need to pay the rent or mortgage and the bills.  Then there are the funeral expenses which can be as much as $10,000, depending on the arrangements your family makes.

You may also have amassed debt from student loans or credit card use.  You don’t want to stick others with the cost of clearing up your debt after you’re gone and a life insurance policy ensures you won’t.

Following the death of a significant member of any family (especially the breadwinner), there’s enough to deal with.  Your loved ones can grieve in peace and in the knowledge that they’re not going to lose the family home, the ability to go to college, or caring for elderly or disabled relatives.

That’s a precious gift.

And if you have a business, your life insurance keeps it running, because the funds will be there for your family to draw on.

ABCO Insurance Agency is your source for comprehensive life insurance.  Contact us.  Give your loved ones a precious gift.

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