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Don’t Let Your Guard Down – Spring-Time can be Dangerous

Spring is a time that people rejoice in. The weather changes and the trees and flowers start to bloom. It’s really a great time of year and full of life. But life, as many of us know, is unpredictable. And even in these moments of joy and life, disaster is possible. Spring is a great time of year, but there are risks that come along with the spring weather. Here are a few of the possible problems you should be wary of and be sure not to let your guard down just because it’s warm enough to wear short sleeves. And be sure you have an insurance plan that will protect you!


April showers bring May flowers, as they say. But rain can also cause major damage to your home and property. Especially after severe winter weather, your home’s defenses may be weakened. Your gutters may not be diverting water away from your house in the right way, or your roof may have damage you didn’t notice. It’s important to make sure that your home is prepared for spring rains. Water damage can ruin your home’s foundation, leak into your ceilings and walls, and flood your basement. Don’t let spring fever make you neglectful.

Mud and Flooding

With rain comes two other potentially disastrous spring conditions: mud and flooding. If you live in an area prone to flooding, you need to be ready for spring storms that may bring heavy rain. Be sure to take proper precautions and follow any instructions from officials if roads flood. It’s easy to misjudge a flooded road and swamp your car. As for mud, you should be aware that mud can be a dangerous element. Loose, muddy ground caused by rain can make it easier for trees to come down during storms. Not to mention, mudslides can wash out roads, and lead to major destruction. Be aware of muddy areas, steep inclines, and runoff around your home.


With all this talk of rain and water, you may think that fire is not a major problem during spring, but you may not be thinking about the fact that spring is also a time for night-time firepits. As a warm day turns into a cool night, a lot of people like to have backyard fires to keep friends and family warm during get-togethers. High winds and dry conditions can make this potentially risky. Be sure to pay attention to weather and warning before having a backyard fire this spring.


Of course, you hope that none of this will be an issue for you, but you can protect yourself and be sure that if it does, you’ll be able to recover with the right insurance plan. ABCO can help you find the perfect plan. Contact us today to discuss what types of insurance will work best for you.

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