NJ Umbrella Insurance – You’ve Covered Home, Car, and Life, Now Cover the Rest

Chances are, you have covered your home, car, and yourself with insurance to ensure that you are protected for all emergencies that may come your way.  However, depending on your plan, this may not cover all emergencies.  This is where NJ Umbrella Insurance comes in.  It covers everything your regular policy doesn’t.

While your regular home and auto policy may cover you for damage to your property or to another person’s property, they may not cover your for lawsuits and liability, or for larger claims that exceed the amount covered by your standard policy.  Umbrella insurance will kick in to cover the rest, this makes this an important addition to your standard coverage if you want to avoid being socked with hefty medical bills or legal fees.

Umbrella insurance is especially important for homeowners that may have dangerous areas on their property that could cause injuries.  This could be pools and outdoor recreational equipment, steep inclines, large and dangerous trees, high retaining walls, and other objects that could leave you more susceptible to a claim.  This coverage also helps if your dog or pet were to attack someone, or if your suffer damage to your property that isn’t covered under your existing policy.

Umbrella insurance is also important for property owners who are not regularly on their property to maintain it.  This goes for people with rental properties or seasonal businesses where there may be claims that you cannot monitor due to not living or regularly working on the property.

Umbrella insurance is especially important in the event of a medical claim that results in substantial medical bills that go beyond what your standard coverage covers.  This would go for car accidents where you were at fault as well as injuries on your property.  Most policies will only cover up to a certain amount, but umbrella insurance will cover the rest of medical bills exceed the limit.  This can save you a lot of money and the hassle of a lawsuit.

If you want to learn more about NJ umbrella insurance, ABCO Insurance Agency can help.  Our caring and professional staff will get you several quotes to ensure that you get a great deal on great coverage.  Call today for more information!

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Small Business Owners – What You Need To Know About NJ Small Business Insurance

Every penny counts when it comes to running a successful small business, and a major liability claim could make or break you if you are not careful.  It is important to understand what NJ Small Business Insurance coverage you need to ensure that you are covered for all emergencies that may come your way.  Here are the basics for small business insurance in New Jersey.

General Liability Insurance – General liability is the most basic insurance that covers basic claims you may face.  This includes injury on your property as well as libel, slander, bodily injury, medical expenses, and more.

Product Liability Insurance – If you manufacture, distribute, or sell a product this insurance is necessary for you.  It covers damages caused by your product to individuals.  This insurance ranges in price based on the nature of the product you sell and how dangerous it could be to the public.  Food that could go bad will probably require more than clothing that should be relatively harmless.

Professional Liability Insurance – For service based industries, professional liability is key.  This insurance is necessary for services such as doctors, lawyers, and accountants as well as services such as plumbers, electricians, and carpenters.  It covers physical damage caused by your services as well as “bad advice” that led to damages for a client.

Commercial Property Insurance – This covers all damages to a business’s property that could lead to loss for the business.  This can include everything from a fire or natural disaster to theft to a freezer breaking and causing all stored food to spoil.  For any business that has a commercial property this is a necessary insurance type to carry.

Home-Based Business Insurance – Your home owners won’t cover your business if you work from home.  You may be able to tack on extra coverage to your existing homeowner’s policy to cover your business, or you may need separate liability.  The coverage you need is based on the type of business you have and the potential for liability claims.

Not sure what type of NJ small business insurance is right for you?  Contact ABCO Insurance today for help.  Our agents can get you multiple quotes to save you time and money.  Call now for more information.

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Professional Liability Insurance NJ – What You Need to Protect Your Business

Many types of business insurance are straight forward.  They cover your building, your finances, and your workers.  Professional Liability is a little bit more abstract.  It covers different things for different businesses, but overall it protects your services should others tell you they weren’t up to snuff.  Not every business needs professional liability insurance, but if you provide a service or any sort it is some of the most important insurance you can get.  Wondering about Professional Liability Insurance in NJ and how it can help you?  Here is a bit more information to help you understand its importance.

Professional Liability Insurance NJ

What Constitutes a Service Based Business?

Service based businesses range from plumbers and carpenters to doctors and lawyers.  A service can be a piece of advice or a physical service for the home, or business.  Because a services can be as abstract as a piece of advice from a professional, it can lead to misunderstandings and occasionally lawsuits.  You need to be covered in the case that a former client should come back and tell you that your service caused them harm.

Professional Liability for Blue Collar Work

Professional liability claims for plumbers, electricians, construction workers, etc. can range from physical damage done to a person or structure due to negligence to advice that led to a negative outcome.  If you get called in to fix a leaky pipe, and after you serviced the pipe it burst and causes major flooding, your client has a liability claim against you.

You can also be held accountable for verbally making a suggestion for a client that then causes harm.  If you tell a client that they could fix a problem without your help by following a few simple steps, and they injure themselves or damage their property trying to follow your plan, they may be able to sue you for damages due to giving them poor advice.  Because of this, it is very important to carry professional liability insurance as back up for whatever problems could come down the road.

Professional Liability for White Collar Work

While most white collar jobs don’t require physical work that could cause damage to a person or structure, they do often require you to give advice, and bad advice could lead to a lawsuit.  A lawyer could be held accountable if advice they gave their client led to the loss of a court case.  An accountant could be held accountable if their advice led to a business being audited.  A psychologist could be held accountable if bad advice led to a person regressing or causing themselves harm.

People in the medical field are also susceptible to claims not only for advice, but also for prescriptions given and recommendations.  All of these cases could lead to a professional liability claim, and therefore need to be covered properly.

If you are looking for Professional Liability Insurance in NJ, look no further than ABCO Insurance Agency.  We have three convenient locations and can get your quotes from multiple companies.  Call today to speak to an agent!

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Renter’s Insurance Cherry Hill, NJ – Why You Need to Cover Your Rental

Cherry Hill, NJ is a beautiful community with great shopping, schools, and proximity to Philadelphia and most major roadways in New Jersey.  It is no wonder people want to live and work in Cherry Hill.  There are properties of all shapes and sizes available, and many rental options are offered as well.  Whether you want to live in an apartment complex or rent a single family home, Cherry Hill has options.

Of course, once you find your perfect place, you will need renter’s insurance.  Why?  You may think that your landlord is responsible for all damages or liability with your home, but that just simply isn’t true.  Without coverage, you could end up suffering major losses.  Wondering what is covered?  Here is more information:

Renter’s Insurance Cherry Hill, NJ

What Does My Landlord’s Insurance Cover – Your landlord insures the building you live in, so any damage or liability for that structure is on him or her.  If someone trips on a busted front step in front of your rental, it is the landlord’s responsibility.  If an electrical fire starts from faulty wiring?  That is on your landlord as well.  A tree falls on the house?  This is your landlord, too.  In all of these cases the damage done was either preventable by the landlord, like having the step fixed before it caused an injury or checking the wiring, or was no fault of the renter like the tree.  In all of these cases, you are not responsible.

Why Do I Need Renter’s Insurance in Cherry Hill – While your landlord’s insurance covers a lot, it does not cover everything.  Say a person trips and injures themselves due to an area rug you put in your apartment.  That rug is not the property of your landlord, but is yours.  You are responsible for damages.  Say that tree falls on your house and crushes your belongings in your living room?  While the damage to the structure of the home is covered by your landlord, your couch and TV aren’t covered by him or her.  Therefore, you are responsible for paying for those damages.  With renter’s insurance, however, the damages are covered and your belongings can be replaced.  Finally, what if you start a grease fire while cooking on the stove?  The damage caused to the apartment was caused by you, not your landlord.  You are now responsible for fixing the damage because you are at fault.  Again, renter’s insurance will cover you for this.

Renter’s Insurance is very affordable in Cherry Hill, NJ, so there is no excuse not to get covered.  ABCO Insurance Agency has a location in Cherry Hill, and can help you get a great rate.  Call us today for more information!  We look forward to helping you get covered.

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Business Insurance South Jersey – What Kind of Insurance Does Your Business Need?

There are many different types of business insurance available for South Jersey businesses, and the type of insurance you need really depends on the type of business you are in.  Some need more insurance than others.  What you need is the right insurance to cover you for the areas of loss that you are most likely to endure.  Without the right insurance, you could end up paying out of pocket to cover catastrophic damage to your business.

Business Insurance South Jersey, Different Businesses Need Different Types of Insurance

Restaurants – Restaurants tend to need the most insurance because they are susceptible to a wide range of claims.  If you own a restaurant you will not only need liability to cover you should you be sued for injuries sustained on your property or by your food, but also professional liability, building protection, protection from theft and vandalism, workers compensation, product loss insurance, and more.  When you have a business with high traffic from the public, you want to be covered for any problem that could come your way.

Storefronts – Storefronts tend to need less insurance than restaurants, but they still need to cover themselves for all possibilities.  This included liability, professional liability, building damage, theft and vandalism, workers compensation, and more.  Your coverage should range from helping should you suffer losses due to a customer’s claim to losses from natural disaster.  If you aren’t sure if something is covered by your existing insurance, ask your insurance provider to see what you need to do to be covered thoroughly.

Offices – You probably don’t need to have as much insurance as a restaurant or storefront because you have less traffic coming to you from the public, but you still need to have good coverage.  This includes extensive liability not only on your property, but also for professional liability for your professional services.  Doctors, lawyers, and other service professionals need to make sure they are covered should a client sue for damages they believe you caused.  Workers Compensation is also a must if you have employees working for you,

Traveling Services – If your business mostly works out of a truck and makes house and business calls, you need to make sure that you carry the right insurance to cover your workers as well as the properties you work on.  Workers compensation is also a must since many of these jobs can be potentially dangerous for workers.  Professional liability is also key to cover your services offered.

Home Based Businesses – Just because you work out of your home doesn’t mean your homeowners covers your business, too.  Talk to your insurer to see if you may be able to tack a business insurance policy on top of your homeowners for additional liability coverage.  You may also want to ask if professional liability is necessary for your line of work.

At ABCO we can help you get the right business insurance for your South Jersey business.  Call us today to learn more and to get multiple quotes from top rated insurers.

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Renters Insurance in NJ – The Importance Of Renters Insurance and Why You Need It!

You have decided to rent a place, and you want to investigate renters insurance in NJ.  You assume that your landlord has insurance on the property, so you are wondering if renters insurance may be a bit redundant.  It’s not.  In fact, it can save you a lot of grief in the future and will keep your belongings covered.  Here is some more helpful information to help you decide on renter’s insurance coverage on your NJ home.

What Does My Landlord’s Insurance Cover?

Your landlord should have coverage on the property you are renting, and his or her coverage should cover a lot of the basics that you would expect.  Your landlord’s insurance policy should cover damage to the property caused by weather, fire, smoke, or water.  It should also cover liability should anyone ever trip on the sidewalk on your property or fall on the front step.  If one of these issues ever should occur at your rental property, it should be the landlord’s job to cover the issue unless you are the one who caused the damage in the first place.  With all of this coverage, you may be wondering why you should cover yourself as well, but renter’s insurance is a basic necessity for any renter.

What Does Renter’s Insurance Cover?

Renter’s Insurance will firstly cover your property in the home.  That is your furniture and belongings that you are storing and using on the property.  If a fire devastates your rental property and you don’t have renter’s insurance, all of your belongings are lost without any coverage to offer you money back for the damages.  Renter’s Insurance should also over you should a person ever file suit against you for injuries caused by your negligence on the property.  If a person comes in your home and falls and hurts themselves by tripping on an area rug that you put in the home, you are responsible for the damages.  You will have coverage if you have renter’s insurance.

How Much Does Renter’s Insurance Cost?

Renter’s Insurance is cheaper than most insurance policies.  It usually costs between $15 and $30 a month.  For that price, it is very affordable to stay covered on your property.  The coverage is worth it, and will give you peace of mind should there ever be an issue.

If you are looking for affordable Renter’s Insurance in NJ, look no further than ABCO Insurance Agency.  We offer competitive rates and great coverage to our customers.  Let us help you compare rates and save.  Call today for more information!

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Umbrella Insurance in NJ – What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

You have insurance on your New Jersey home, your car, and all of your other property.  So why do you need umbrella insurance?  Umbrella Insurance in NJ may not be for everyone, but in the event of an emergency, you will be very glad that you have it.  So what is Umbrella Insurance and what does it do?  Learn more here.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella Insurance is extra insurance coverage for your home, car, boat, and other property that gives you a boost in coverage should you ever need it.  Basically, if your home insurance covers up to $5000 for damages from someone injuring themselves by tripping on your sidewalk, and you got socked with a $6000 bill when this happened on your property, the Umbrella Insurance kicks in to cover the extra cost.

How Will It Help Me?

If you are concerned about liability for your property or are looking for extra coverage on items that may not be covered under a standard policy, this extended coverage may be right for you.  Standard coverage may not cover pets and the damage that they can cause.  It may also not cover out buildings or other items on your property that could cause a liability issue.  Without Umbrella Insurance, these items may cost you serious money as your insurance may not cover these issues at all or will only cover a small fraction of the cost.  Your insurance provider will be able to help you better understand your needs and can help direct you if you need Umbrella Insurance.

What Else Does It Cover?

As was stated in the paragraph above, this coverage will help cover items on your property that are not covered in a standard policy including outbuildings, pools, etc.  It will also cover pets and the damage they can cause, rental properties, and unwanted guests injuring themselves on your property.  While some of these issues may be covered under your standard policy, there is a good chance many of them may not be.

If you think an Umbrella policy in NJ is right for you, contact ABCO Insurance Agency today to get a quote.  We’ll help you find the right insurance for you at an affordable price.  Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you get covered.  Call now!

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Commercial Insurance 101 – Learn The Basics About Commercial Insurance

While there are many types of business insurance available for businesses of all shapes and sizes, commercial insurance tends to cover commercial properties and workers’ compensation liability for those who work on and may be injured on those properties.  Commercial insurance can cover a variety of property features depending on what kind of business you have, and what kind of liability you are most likely to address.  Here are a few highlights of the types of property coverage you can get with your commercial insurance policy.

Property Insurance – Property insurance covers losses or damages to your property.  This usually includes damage done by severe weather events, fire damage, smoke damage, and water damage to name a few.  Your business may require a little bit more insurance to ensure that you are safe in the case of serious damage to your building.  The following is a list of extended coverages you can purchase for your business if you need them.

Boiler and Machinery Insurance – Though your property insurance covers you should your machinery or boiler be damaged by a flood or fire, you are not normally covered if these machines were to break down accidentally.  If you run a business that requires heavy machinery to make things run, this may be important coverage for you.

Builders Risk Insurance – If you are building a new structure for your business, this insurance covers you should your new structure receive damage during construction.  An example would be hail damage destroying part of the exposed structure.  Without this insurance, you may not be covered for damage like this.

Glass Insurance – If your storefront or business suffers damage to plate glass windows due to someone else breaking them, you are covered.

Business Interruption Insurance – If your business suffers major damage, you may have to be out of business for several months while you fix the damage.  This type of insurance will cover lost wages and income while you rebuild.

Ordinance or Law Insurance – This coverage is best if you own an older building for your business.  Basically, if your building gets partially damaged (at least 50%) and you need to demolish and rebuild from scratch you are covered for the cost of the brand new and up-to-code building.  Standard insurance will cover the loss of the old building, but it may not cover the extra cost of creating a new building that is up to code.  This is where this insurance comes in.

Tenant’s Insurance – If you rent a commercial building, this offers you extra coverage for the items you put in the building that are not covered by your landlord’s insurance.

Crime Insurance – Should you ever be robbed or subject to another crime, this insurance will cover you and your lost merchandise, money, stock, securities, or fixtures.

If you are not sure how much insurance is right for you, talk to an experienced Commercial Insurance agent.  ABCO Insurance Agency can help.  We’ll get you competitive quotes, and our team of agents will help you find the right coverage for you that you can afford.  Call today for more information.

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What Kind of Insurance Can Your Business Insurance Agent Offer for Your Small Business?

When you start a small business, insurance is one of the first things you need to consider in order to protect yourself in the event of an accident or emergency.  Because of this, it is important to know exactly what kind of business insurance you need to stay protected.  Here is a list of business insurance options that your business insurance agent can offer you.  They can guide you through the process and help you understand exactly what you will need in order to cover your individual needs.

General Liability Insurance – This insurance is a must have for any business.  It covers you should you encounter legal issues due to injuries, accidents, or negligence claims.  It will help you cover the cost of legal aid as well as any payouts you may have in the event of losing a case.

Product Liability Insurance – If you make or distribute a product, you will want product liability insurance.  It covers financial loss due to defective products that cause harm to the consumer.  If you run a business with a lower risk of injury, you can get less coverage.  However, a company that sells a food product or a small appliance will probably want more coverage.

Professional Liability Insurance – If you are a service based business, this insurance is important for you.  It covers against errors and omissions, as well as malpractice and negligence.  This is ideal for contractors, doctors, lawyers, and others that provide a service or consultation for an individual.

Commercial Property Insurance – Though General Liability insurance covers you if someone is injured on your property, commercial property insurance covers you if damage is done to your property.  This means you are covered against weather related damage, fire, smoke, water, and more.  Damage to your property could cost your business dearly and could force you to shut down temporarily, so this is very important insurance for any business that owns a commercial property.

Home-Based Business Insurance – Most business insurance doesn’t cover home based businesses, but you can add riders insurance to your home owners policy.  This will cover you if a client or worker is injured on your property or if property damage could cause harm to your business.  You may need general and professional liability for additional coverage depending on your product or service.

If you are looking for a business insurance agent who can help you get the coverage you need, look no further than ABCO Insurance Agency.  Our knowledgeable agents can help your business get coverage for a great rate by offering comparisons from several insurance providers.  Call today for more information!

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Professional Liability Insurance – Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance?

When you run a business you need to make sure that you are covered for a wide variety of liability claims.  Every business is different, so it is important to have the right coverage for your specific business.  Professional Liability Insurance is for those who offer professional advice or services to others.  Because standard liability tends to cover only damage to property or personal injury, you need professional liability insurance to cover a variety of other professional claims.  So who needs professional liability insurance?

Professionals Giving Advice – If you work in a field where you regularly give advice to others, you are a strong candidate for professional liability.  This advice can range from medical advice from a doctor or personal advice from a counsellor, to a builder’s advice for a home addition.  If your advice leads to harm or does not live up to the expectations that your client has set for you, they can claim negligence on your part.

Professionals Selling A Product – You sell a product to customers and you find out that in some cases your product didn’t work as it was intended.  An example would be selling software that malfunctioned and failed to perform the task it was intended for.  Another example would be selling a cart that you told customers could hold 50lbs, but broke when used under the weight of 45lbs.  If your customer didn’t sustain bodily harm or property damage their claim would fall under a professional liability claim.

Professionals Where Errors & Omissions Could Cause Serious Problems – If you work in a field where you are required to write in depth reports or analysis, or you do a job such as a notary public, attorneys, and real estate brokers, professional liability is a must.  By missing a key piece of information you could do substantial harm to a client’s case, and they could in turn hold you responsible for damages.

Professionals Who Are Contractually Obligated to Perform Certain Tasks – If you breach a contract and do not perform all of the tasks expected of you for the price that was agreed upon, you could find yourself being held responsible for a contract breach.  Professional liability insurance can help you with your claim.

If you work in a field that serves the public in some way, and many businesses fall into this category, you should consider professional liability insurance for your business.  ABCO Insurance offers quality coverage for small businesses at affordable prices.  Call us today to learn more about our business insurance offerings, and learn how we can help your business stay covered.

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