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Hurricane Season is Almost Here, Are You Prepared?

Hurricane season is around the corner. In fact, there’s already a chance that a storm currently in the Caribbean Sea could become the first hurricane of this season. The official start of the season is the first of June. As many remember, hurricanes can be a major problem for coastal New Jersey residents, as well as those living farther inland. Recent storms like Hurricanes Irene and Sandy delivered heavy rains, flooding and high winds that wound up causing heavy damages in the area. So, be prepared this year for hurricane season with the right insurance plan.


When it comes to hurricane damages, coastal towns and flood areas can be the hardest hit. Flood damage is not easy to recover from and it’s important to remember that most homeowner’s insurance plans do not cover flood damage. That means you need separate flood insurance if your home and property are in areas that flood easily. If you remember the hurricanes mentioned above, you likely remember whole shore towns covered in several feet of water. This led to lost homes, destroyed business, and damaged property costing a lot of money. Make sure you’re prepared for this possibility by making sure your home, business, and property are insured for the right amount.

High Winds

Flooding isn’t the only danger from hurricanes and tropical storms. High winds can wreak havoc for miles during one of these storms. That means trees can be downed, electrical lines can be severed, and roads can be blocked. All of this equals a highly dangerous environment for your home and property. Trees coming down on your home or vehicle can cause thousands of dollars in damages, if not more. Downed power lines can lead to fires and electrical issues that can cause damage to your property or even destroy your home. And blocked roads can make it hard for professionals to make repairs and manage any fires that do occur.

It’s important to make sure that you have a comprehensive insurance plan that covers damage to your home, vehicles, and other property that can occur from high winds during a hurricane. The right insurance plan will make it easier to recover from these losses and make sure you have the resources to rebuild after such devastation.

The Right Insurance Plan

If you need an insurance plan to protect you from hurricane damages, ABCO Insurance Agency, Inc. can help. Contact our expert team today! We’ll help you find the perfect plan.

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Fire Prevention Tips from ABCO Insurance Agency Inc.

A house fire can cause immense destruction and even put your life at risk. The best way to protect yourself and your home from a fire is by taking preventative steps. Here are the best tips from ABCO Insurance Agency Inc. to prevent a fire in your home.

Fire Prevention

The first thing to do to help prevent a fire in your home is to keep flammable items at least three feet away from anything in your home that gets hot. This includes candles, space heaters, fireplaces, ovens, or stove tops. This seems like common sense, but it’s easy to make mistakes.

Never leave a fire, candle, space heater, stove top, or oven unattended while it’s lit or burning. Make sure that you’re careful when you’re cooking and never go to bed with a candle burning. Candles can be an extreme hazard when they’re left unattended. If you’re enjoying your fireplace, make sure you’re turning the fire off if it’s gas or electric and make sure you’re using an appropriate grate or cover for traditional fireplaces to keep hot embers and logs from falling out.


If you have kids in your home, make sure they know the dangers associated with fire. Educate any children who are frequently in your home about how dangerous it is to play with matches, lighters, candles, and anything in your home that may cause a fire.

Make Your Home Safer

You can do things to make your home safer. For example, keep matches and lighters safely out of reach of children and properly stored. Install smoke alarms on every floor of your home and in sleeping areas.

Make sure that you maintain and clean your heating sources and keep an eye on your electrical outlets, the wiring in your home, and the electronics you use in your home. Replace frayed extension cords and use electronics safely.


Even if you’ve followed these steps to keep your house safe from the dangers of a fire, sometimes things are out of your control. So, it’s necessary to protect your home in other ways than those mentioned above. Homeowner’s insurance is one of the best ways to make sure that you don’t lose everything in a fire. Homeowner’s insurance can cover damages that a fire can cause and will keep you on your feet after this kind of tragedy. If you’re interested in homeowner’s insurance or any type of insurance plan, contact our team today!

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Prevent and Prepare for Burglars

Burglary is something that many people worry about. No matter where you live, thieves are a possibility that you should be prepared for. Here are some tips to prevent and recover from a burglary.

If You’re Traveling

Burglars often strike when you least expect it and are most vulnerable. That means they look for the most opportune times, particularly if you’re away for a long period. So, if you’re going on vacation or are going to be traveling, it’s best to make sure your home is safe while you’re away. To make your home look less appealing to burglars, make sure it looks like someone is home with these steps:

  • Don’t let mail build up on the step or in the mail box. Have someone pick up your mail or ask the post office to hold your mail while you’re away.
  • If you’re travelling in the summer, hire someone to mow your lawn.
  • Set up a light with an automatic timer for a few hours a night.
  • Make sure you lock all of your doors and windows before you leave.
  • Let the local police, friends, and family know you’ll be away and ask if they can check on your house.

When You Go to Bed

Another time when you’re vulnerable to burglars is when you’re asleep. Make sure your home is protected while you’re getting some shuteye with these tips:

  • Use an alarm system and arm it when you go to bed.
  • Lock all of your doors and window before you hit the hay.
  • Secure garage and shed doors every night.
  • Don’t leave valuable items out in the open, such as lawn movers or barbecue grills.
  • Use motion activated security lights near your doors or drive way.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle overnight.

Be Prepared

Even if you follow all the steps above, you may still find yourself the victim of a crafty burglar. In that event it’s best to be prepared with the information you’ll need to recoup what you’ve lost. You should keep an inventory of all of your most valuable items, such as jewelry and electronics. Include a description of the item, when it was bought, its original value, and any identification like serial numbers. Aside from that, you need to make sure that you have a great insurance plan that can help you recover what you’ve lost. The right homeowners plan can help you there. So, contact ABCO Insurance Agency, Inc. for the best coverage around!

ABCO Insurance - Renters Insurance

Think Renter’s Insurance is Only for Your “Stuff”? Think Again!

Typically, renters don’t believe they need insurance.  We hear it all the time at Abco Insurance Agency.  But renter’s insurance is about a lot more than furniture, electronics and other belongings.

Even if you don’t believe you need renter’s insurance because you don’t have a lot of expensive stuff in your place, you’re not looking at the whole picture.

Renter’s insurance is inexpensive and can save you a lot of money, should something unforeseen happen.  Let’s look at what it can do to protect you.

Loss of use

In the event of a fire, your apartment complex could be irreparably damaged – perhaps even destroyed entirely.  And that stuff you don’t think is worth much of anything?  Gone.

You may need to stay in a hotel until you find another place.  And how are you going to cook for yourself?  Eating out can cost a bundle.

You’ll need another place to live.  Finding a comparable apartment can take a long time in this market.  Then there’s your first month’s rent and the deposit.

But renter’s insurance covers you in the event you lose your place to live, protecting you from the high cost of re-locating and starting over.

Personal liability

Don’t think it can happen to you?  We live in an increasingly litigious society.  People sue coffee shops for coffee that’s too hot.  That’s how bad it’s gotten.

What if your dog bites someone?  What if a close friend comes over and trips over the cat?  You may believe that no one you know would be petty enough to sue, but like the title says – think again!

Renter’s insurance will hold you covered for any legal expenses arising in the event of a liability lawsuit, even covering you if the court rules in the plaintiff’s favor.

PRO-TIP:  Make your agency aware of all dogs in your apartment and their breeds, as some hounds may not be covered.

About your stuff

Are you completely sure that your stuff isn’t worth anything?  Were there to be a fire in your apartment building and you lost everything, how much would it cost to replace your belongings?

Even your clothes aren’t cheap to replace at today’s prices, but furniture, collectibles, electronics and artwork can add up to a lot of money.  And what about that vintage Grateful Dead poster?  It’s worth money.

Renter’s insurance holds you covered, so you can start over from scratch.

Take a moment, right now.  Sit down and tally up the value of the contents of your apartment.  You’ll be surprised at how impressive that number is, even if you think your stuff isn’t worth much.  Having to replace it all can be a costly endeavor.

Abco Insurance Agency

Since 1979, Abco has been insuring thousands of individuals and businesses, collating quotes from 25 different insurers to get you the best coverage possible, at the best prices.

Life happens.  Tomorrow, your rented apartment may be flooded by a burst pipe or consumed by a fire.  Let Abco protect you against life going sideways.

South Jersey Car Insurance Savings

The Hidden Costs of Cheap Car Insurance

You love the convenience and freedom of owning a car, but you bridle a bit when it comes to insuring it.

So, you go the cheap route.

But the problem with “cheap” is that it’s rarely of the quality you need to cover yourself adequately against all the potential hazards and pitfalls car ownership and driving can expose you to.  But the hidden costs of cheap car insurance can come back to haunt you in a very big way.

Let’s examine why that’s the case and rummage through the fine print of nonstandard policies to see why they’re just not worth it.

More scrutiny

You won’t like this one!

While an insurer will check your driving record once a year or every other year, cheap policies may check every six months.

If you have moving violations on your driving record, this triggers vigilance on the part of those insurers offering a cheap fix.  They’ll lie in wait until they find something and then your premiums will go up.

No more cheap policy.

Punitive damages

Fender benders and other accidents can lead to lawsuits.  Don’t count on your cheap, nonstandard policy covering you if you’re found to be at fault in court.

In many cases, you’ll be on the hook to pay punitive damages.  And that’s not cheap.

Need repairs?  Look out

Anyone who owns a car knows that repairs aren’t cheap.  If your car sustains a ding in the parking lot or in a collision, a cheap policy factor in depreciation as part of its payout.

That means you’re only paid out for a portion of the cost of repairs.  The market value of your car is used to calculate reimbursement, meaning you bear a substantial chunk of the expenses.

Other drivers?

If you’re not the only person who uses your car, a cheap policy may work against you.  While not all nonstandard policies are alike, reading the fine print in this regard is a must before signing on the dotted line.

Teenage drivers may be excluded, especially if they’ve got a moving violation on their record.  You may not even be able to lend your car to relatives and friends if “permissive” drivers (people you allow to borrow your car) are excluded.  Some common exclusions are drivers under the age of 25 or 21.

While there’s quite a lot of variance involved in nonstandard car insurance policies, the common thread is limiting your coverage in multiple ways that can wind up costing you more money.  Policies like these also restrain decision-making about who can use your car.

A standard car insurance policy with Abco takes care of everything.  We get quotes from more than 10 insurers in the market to ensure you get the best coverage at the best price possible.

Abco Insurance Agency

At Abco, we’ve been creating solid car insurance policies for drivers like you since 1979.  With accessible pricing and comprehensive coverage, you get certainty about where you stand, with no secrets in the fine print to trip you up later.

Contact us.

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Insurance: An Ancient Practice and a Modern Necessity

From the ancient days of grain storage to the modern insurance agency, people have always tried to prepare for the worst ahead of time. Insurance is a modern necessity, but it has its origins in the early days of humanity. Here is a quick history of insurance and the way people have used it throughout history.

In the Beginning

Insurance can technically trace its roots to early human history and the introduction of grain stores. People would collectively store their grain for use in times of famine. There was also often a form of insurance in communities. If a family’s home burnt down, the community would help them rebuild it. Later, some Greeks and Romans organized funds to help the families of people who died and to pay for funeral expenses – essentially, the first life insurance.

The Official Start

Insurance as we know it became popular the seventeenth century onward. The oldest fire insurance organization, Hamburger Feurekasse, began in 1676, but property insurance as we know it began with the Great Fire of London, which destroyed massive portions of London, devastating the city. Business insurance and life insurance would also find their beginnings in some way in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

In America

In America, property insurance was popularized by none other than Benjamin Franklin. Franklin standardized the use of insurance, particularly in regard to property damage from fire. Franklin helped modernize Philadelphia’s fire-fighting abilities. He started one of America’s first volunteer fire companies. Franklin often wrote about fire prevention to help modernize the fire-fighting abilities of his adopted Pennsylvania home, which was far behind his original home, Boston. This passion for fire-fighting led to Franklin’s formation of an insurance company which contributed to fire prevention, even refusing to insure buildings that were at exceptionally high risk of fire.


Today, insurance is a massive industry, but the principles are the same as they were at the beginning. Insurance helps us prepare for the worst but hope for the best. If you haven’t invested in a great insurance plan, ABCO Insurance Agency, Inc. is here to help. We can help you find the right plan for the right price. Contact us today!

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance for a Rainy Day

In this uncertain life, anything can happen.  As we get older, we find that out in ways that can be less than pleasant.

That’s why insurance is so important.  But umbrella insurance for a rainy day is more about extreme weather conditions than a light drizzle.

Accidents and the liability that can accompany them can see you facing enormous costs.  These can amount to millions of dollars, under certain conditions.  And no.  That’s not an exaggeration.

Umbrella insurance can protect you from this eventuality, ensuring you remain solvent.

Limitations of auto insurance

A perfect example of umbrella insurance’s role is considering the typical auto insurance policy.  If you’re involved in a collision, payouts are usually in the ballpark of $100K per person involved, $300K per accident and $50K for property damage.

But what if you’re at fault?  What if there’s been grave injury that an unwitting error on your part has caused and you’re on the hook for an astronomical sum of money?  You may find that your assets – your home, your investments, your savings – are vulnerable.

Shelter from the storm

With an umbrella insurance policy, you’re not just prepared for life’s intermittent squalls.  You’re protected from catastrophic events that can change your financial status overnight from “healthy” to “under water”.

Umbrella insurance is inexpensive, due to the nature of what it covers.  A $1 million policy adds ballast to existing coverage, like auto and home insurance.  It’s shelter from the storm when life hits you with its worst and most unanticipated surprises.

A $1 million policy will cost you between $130 to $250 per year.  But for those who want to feel even more secure about their coverage, each additional $1 million can be purchased for between $100 to $150 per year.

That’s great value for money, when you consider the alternative.  The lurking potential for being slammed with a liability suit is there every time you get behind the wheel of your car or take your boat out on the water.

Bad things happen to good people and that’s what umbrella insurance is there to defend you from – the unpredictable vagaries of this uncertain life.


Abco Insurance

Abco is a trusted insurance agency which will provide you with quotes from 25 companies, while we’re putting together the most comprehensive umbrella insurance policy for you we possibly can.

We believe in our clients and their need to feel secure and protected from the eventuality of incidents which can leave their financial resources depleted.  That’s why we want you to know that an umbrella insurance policy really can save your life – and your resources.

Since 1979, we’ve been ensuring thousands of individuals and businesses, holding them covered against life’s bumps, bruises, rainy days and extreme weather.  We know that life insurance can make the difference between solvency and bankruptcy in a volatile world that throws continual curveballs.

With Abco, you can hit those curve balls every time and hang on to what you’ve worked hard for.

Contact us.  Let Abco shelter you from the storm.

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Beware the Spring Thaw: Be Prepared for Bad Weather

Spring is officially here and with it goes the worries of winter. No more snow and ice to make people anxious. But don’t let up your guard just yet. Spring brings its own bag of troubles that you need to be ready for. As the Spring thaw begins, keep the following in mind to protect your home from possible disaster.

Late Winter Weather

The beginning of spring does not necessarily mean the end of winter weather. Snow and ice can still find their way into our forecast. It’s best not to put away the shovel, blankets, and ice scrapers just yet. A late freeze can mean a bad day for people who have started their spring cleaning too early.


Once everything does start to thaw and the snow and ice are gone there is another major risk: water. Snow melt, spring-time rains, and swollen streams can still lead to major flooding in the spring. Despite the expectant flowers and buzzing bees being foremost in our minds in March and April, flooding is a natural phenomenon that often rears its ugly head in the early spring. So, it’s best to be prepared.


Along with the flooding, snow melt and spring rain also bring another major problem: mud. The early Spring is one of the muddiest times of the year. Any collected snow has seeped into the ground. The warmer weather has thawed the icy topsoil. Rains continue to make matters worse. It all lead to potentially nasty conditions, especially in areas where mudslides area potential threat. Aside from that, though, soft muddy ground is highly conducive to massive power outages. The soft ground coupled with a strong wind can easily bring down trees starting to bud their greenery and flowers. So, keep an eye on trees around your home and don’t pack away that generator just yet.

Be Prepared

With all of these risks that the early spring offers, it’s best to be prepared for any eventuality. With homeowner’s and flood insurance from ABCO Insurance Agency Inc., you can take some of the worry out of it all. This means you can welcome the spring and get ready for better weather ahead without worry.

Contact our team today to discuss your insurance options!

Umbrella Insurance

Three Easy Ways to Prepare for the Future at Any Age

No matter what age you are, preparing for the future can mean the difference between ease and hardship. That goes for you and your loved ones. The more prepared you are now, the better equipped you will be for the hardships that life may throw at you. So, here are a few suggestions that will help you take on all that life has in store, good or bad.

Start Saving ASAP

The first step to a sound future is starting to save as soon as possible. If you’re eighteen, twenty-eight, forty-eight, or eighty-eight, it’s best to start setting aside money as soon as you can. This is especially good advice for younger people. It’s a good idea to start saving for retirement as soon as you start working. Set aside a little bit and as you make more set aside more. This gives you an opportunity to grow your savings and be prepared for the future.

Invest Your Money Wisely

If you have savings, it’s a good idea to start making those savings work for you. Investing is a great way to get more from your money. Whether you’re investing in a 401K, stocks, real estate, or something else, it’s a great idea to start talking to a financial planner about wise moves to make with your hard-earned money. This will ensure that your money continues to grow and does not just sit in your bank account accruing minimal interest. But it’s wise to keep some money set aside for a rainy day still, don’t put all of your savings into a single investment.

Purchase the Right Insurance

Probably the most important way to prepare the future is to buy insurance. Insurance is there to help you be ready for the worst of bad days. It ensures that you or your loved ones have resources to fall back on in the event of a disaster. If you’ve spent all of your life saving and investing wisely, make sure that you’re protecting your investments and savings with the right insurance plan.

With ABCO Insurance Agency Inc., you can find the right kind of insurance to protect your future. We offer personal insurance (like home owners, auto, and life insurance), as well as business insurance (like professional liability and construction insurance).

If you want to be prepared for everything the future may hold, contact our team today!

Got Car Insurance?

The Risk of Being Uninsured (and the Reason for Addressing It Now!)

With times being what they are and everybody trying to keep their heads above water, insurance may seem like just another bill to pay.

But what if the primary breadwinner suddenly dies or becomes ill?  What if there’s an accident?  No one cares to think about such tragedies, but they happen every day.

What’s important sometimes takes a back seat to immediate need.  But at a certain point in our lives, we need to slow down and consider what really matters.  For most people, the welfare of their families and their prospects for retirement are important.

There is great risk attached to “going naked”.  The risk of being uninsured (and the reason for addressing it now) holds no little urgency for those who are winging it.  There’s a good reason to get insured which may convince you it’s time to act which we’ll talk about here.

Life insurance – a bigger bargain than many believe.

A lot of people labor under the misapprehension that they can’t afford life insurance.  Like we said earlier, it seems like just another bill.

A life insurance policy can protect loved ones surviving the sudden death of the primary breadwinner.

A recent study demonstrates that life insurance can be one of the best investments you ever make.  A 30-year-old can obtain a $250K policy for about $12 per month.  If that sounds like a good investment in your family’s wellbeing, it’s because it is.

Living while you’re alive.

A permanent life insurance policy will cost you a little more than a term policy, but its benefits are astonishing.

At the beginning of a policy, premiums will be higher, but you’re getting the ability to accumulate tax-deferred value and obtain lifelong protection.

The value of your policy can be used against any expense you prefer, from a down payment on a house to your children’s higher education, or even your future as a retiree.  The best thing about this strategy is that interest rates are dramatically lower, making it a great way to borrow.

No credit check, either.  A permanent life insurance policy lets you live while you’re alive, borrowing from the value you’ve accumulated over time and not from a bank.

That’s priceless!

Considering disability insurance.

Almost 1/3rd of Americans will become disabled for an average of 90 days at some time during their working lives.  The odds are high that you may be one of them.  Disability insurance lets you face the eventuality head on and prepared.

With disability insurance in place, you don’t have to fear the loss of income resulting from illness or injury, because it has you covered.  That’s responsible fiscal planning that protects you and yours.

Combining a life insurance policy (preferably a permanent one), with disability insurance protects you and your family from life’s bumps and bruises, making them less painful and difficult.

Sure, it’s another bill to pay, but can you afford not to pay it?

Abco Insurance can help get you covered.  Life happens, but it doesn’t have to sink the ship.