A Roof Rake Can Help Prevent a Costly Homeowner's Insurance Claim

Prepare for Winter Now with These Tips

It’s definitely starting to get colder and that means that winter is quickly approaching. There is still some time before the long cold nights get really cold, though. While fall is sticking around, it’s a great time to start getting your home prepared for the mayhem that winter can bring. If you live in the Northeast, you’re likely used to harsh winters. That doesn’t mean you can predict everything that winter weather can throw at you though. Here are our tips for getting you home prepared for winter this year.

Trees and Branches

It’s always good to get ahead of bad weather. And winter can bring the worst weather there is. One great way to get ahead this year is to take a look around your property for branches and trees that may become problematic once ice and snow start falling. Trees are great at knocking out your power. And ice and snow are great at taking out trees. Sometimes, your power company may even take care of potential problem branches themselves. Either way, identify what needs to be taken down, and get rid of it.

Portable Generators

As trees come down and power lines fail, you’re left without electricity. Especially if you have electric heating in your home, this can be a major problem. If you don’t have a portable generator, now is a great time to look into buying one. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Your Car

You’ll also want to make sure your car is ready for emergencies. You should always keep a shovel around your house for snow but having one in your car is a good idea too. You should also keep blankets and some kitty litter in your car. The blankets can help you keep warm in the event of a winter breakdown and the kitty litter is great for helping your tires find traction when stuck in the snow.


The most important way to be prepared this winter is to make sure that both your home and your car are insured. The right insurance plan will make sure you have money for repairs, replacement, and possibly for a place to stay in the event of something major. So, make sure you have auto insurance and home owner’s insurance. If you don’t have a plan, ABCO Insurance Agency, Inc. can help. So, contact us today!


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Halloween and Mischief Night: Does Your Insurance Cover Vandalism

Halloween is a fun time of year. You have kids (and grown-ups) in costumes, candy and trick-or-treating, and all kinds of fall activities. But there is also the trickier side of trick-or-treating. Vandalism has been a part of Halloween for a very long time. People have been going door to door and looking for treats and threatening misfortune on specific days for hundreds of years. So, it’s not a new phenomenon to find people destroying property on Halloween or the day before Halloween, known as mischief night. But when vandalism becomes destructive, what are your options and are you insured?

Homeowner’s Insurance

Many insurers provide coverage for property destruction as a result of vandalism. This will vary and be dependent on the extent of the damage and your policy. But it is still a good idea to consider a homeowner’s insurance policy that includes vandalism coverage. Or it may be a good idea to ask your insurer if you’re covered.

When it comes to vandalism done to your home, there are harmless pranks that likely won’t need insurance coverage to mend. For example, toilet paper in the tree in your yard or eggs pelted at your front door may be easily remedied with a garden hose and a bit of careful toilet paper removal. But sometimes vandalism goes beyond harmless pranks and becomes destructive. You may find your lawn salted, destroyed, or dug up. You may find your door locks glued. People may do damage to your plumbing, leading to flooding. Windows and lights may be broken. Worst of all, a fire may be started, leading to damage to your home.

It’s a good idea to be prepared for such destructive behavior and have a comprehensive insurance plan that will help you recover and restore your home.

Vehicle Insurance

Your vehicle may also be damaged by vandals. Again, a few eggs on your windshield may be easily remedied, but more serious damage can be done to your car. Slashed tires and sugar in your gas tank can lead to some serious bills for repairs and replacements. Like your homeowner’s insurance, it’s good to know if your car insurance plan covers these potential situations.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive insurance plan that will suit you, ABCO Insurance Agency Inc. can help. Contact us today to discuss your options!

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Found Your Dream House? Protect it with Homeowner’s Insurance

You’ve been working for years to save enough money to buy your dream house. Maybe it’s a large house with a huge backyard. Or maybe it’s a little place that makes you feel warm and safe. Or maybe it’s your childhood home and it brings back the best memories. No matter what kind of house it is, your dream house is something you care about. It’s yours and you need to protect it. Homeowner’s insurance will help protect your dream house and the things you keep there.

Your House

Imagine having the house of your dreams. A space you feel safe. A space you love. But there are dangers your dream house faces. From fires to floods, burglars to falling trees, your house is at risk. That’s why it’s important to protect your house with the right insurance plan. A good plan will not only protect you from the obvious, but also the unpredictable yet common accidents that you may encounter.

The Risk

If you’ve spent your life saving and dreaming and finally you get that dream, seeing it all vanish before your eyes would be heartbreaking, especially with no way to recover from such a heavy loss. Homeowner’s insurance ensures that the investment you make in the house of your dreams is protected. Homeowner’s insurance will provide money for repairs, money to help you find lodging if your house is not habitable, money to rebuild, money to replace your destroyed items. In other words, money to rebuild your life and your dreams.

The Right Protection

But how do you find the right plan for you? That’s where ABCO Insurance Agency Inc. comes in. We’ll talk to you about your home and your possessions. We’ll talk about your budget and what is covered. We’ll make sure you have a plan that fits you and your needs. That means your dream house, that individual, unique place you’ve loved, will have the right protections. You won’t have to worry and most importantly, you can enjoy your home and everything that happens there without fear.

Homeowner’s insurance is an absolute necessity. If you need homeowner’s insurance, contact our team today to discuss your options!



Car Accident

Your Car is at Risk – Get Auto Insurance

Your car is an important thing. Not only is it valuable, but it serves a very important purpose. Your car is your mobility lifeline. It gives you the freedom to get on the road and head anywhere you need to without having to rely on others. But your car is at risk every time you get on the road. Every time you leave your driveway, and even while your car is still in your driveway, there is the chance that something may happen to cause damage to your vehicle.

Weather and Rain

With fall weather setting in, wet leaves on the ground are going to be a real problem. Rain is already becoming a major problem for cities and towns all along the East Coast. Slippery conditions aren’t reserved for winter. While you’re on the road, there’s always the risk that you may try to hit the brakes, but friction will not be favorable. If you’re a safe driver, this likely won’t be too big a problem, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be another driver who skids and hits you.

Other Risks

Other drivers are a major hazard on the road. Bad drivers are notorious for being much, much worse when the weather gets bad. They seem to multiply and make the road all the more risky. But even if your car is parked safely out front of you house, there are still dangers. Fallen trees and branches, theft, and much more puts your car at risk, even as it sits in your driveway. The point is, there is a lot of risk out there for your vehicle.

Auto Insurance

That’s why auto insurance is important aside from being a legal requirement in the US. You can wind up with severe losses if your car is damaged and uninsured, not to mention that you may wind up with legal troubles. This is why you should invest in auto insurance to mitigate the risks and ease the potential expenses of accidents that you may have no control over.

If you’re looking for the right auto insurance policy for you and your vehicle, ABCO Insurance Agency, Inc. today is here to help. We can assist you in finding the right policy for you. So, contact our team today!



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Prepare for Hurricane Season with the Right Insurance Plan

Hurricane Florence has begun wreaking havoc in North Carolina. Over the next few days, the storm is expected to continue on its path, bringing heavy winds, heavy rains, and dangerous flooding. Although our area is not directly in the path of this hurricane, we will likely still feel its effects. But Florence is just the first major storm of this hurricane season to touch down on the east coast. There are likely to be more and that is just one of the many reasons you should be considering insurance if you don’t already have it.

Strong Winds

Hurricanes bring major destruction. Although our area is not always directly in the path of worst of these storms, that does not mean we go unscathed. Hurricanes bring strong winds that can wreak havoc on your home and possessions. Heavy winds bring down trees that can fall directly into your home. Heavy winds can tear shingles off of your roof. Heavy winds can send branches and debris through windows. Home owner’s insurance can cover many of these problems, which can wind up being very expensive.

Heavy Rains

Hurricanes also bring heavy rains. Heavy rains can cause water damage in a leaky roof, short circuit electronics, contribute to fallen trees, and cause mud slides. All of these have the potential to cause damage to your home or property. That can include your car. Not to mention that driving during wet weather can be risky in itself. Homeowner’s insurance and vehicle insurance will help protect you in the event of rain related damage.


Rain can also cause major flooding. Flood insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but during a hurricane, or any period of heavy, sustained rain, flooding can wreak havoc on areas that have not been at risk of flooding before. And flooding can cause more damage that a wet basement. Mold and structural damage can come along with heavy flooding. Flood insurance is a great investment for anyone who may have to deal with this problematic weather from a hurricane.


If you need insurance, ABCO Insurance Agency Inc. can help. We can help you find the right plan to protect you from all of the above issues. Hurricane recovery can be hard, but with the right insurance, you won’t have to worry. So, contact us today!



Life Insurance

Two Major Benefits of Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important purchase in anyone’s life. But it’s also an uncomfortable thing to consider. Instead of focusing on the frightening aspects of life insurance, instead think about the benefits. Amongst others, there are two major benefits that come with purchasing life insurance, that we’ll discuss.

For Your Family

The first and most obvious benefit of life insurance is that it leaves your family financially secure. If you can no longer provide for your family, they may struggle. Life insurance provides for your family when you are no longer here to help out. It also ensures that there is plenty for the very expensive process of a funeral. It’s easy to think that life insurance is something you only buy for the people you love. Which, without a doubt, it is. But life insurance is more than that. It’s for you too.

For You

Life insurance leaves your family secure. This doesn’t just benefit them, it benefits you. The future is already a scary thing to think about. Death is something that’s really scary to think about. With the right life insurance plan, you have less to worry about, though. You can rest assured that your family will be able to continue on without you. This peace of mind may not seem like much, but when you subtract the stress and worry of thinking about that part of your life, you can focus on the present much more intensely. Instead of living your life worrying about the future, you can focus on what’s happening right now and making sure your life is a good one.


Life insurance is an important part of your future planning, so don’t neglect it. When the time comes, you’ll want your family to be able to carry on without you. If you’re interested in your options for life insurance, our team can help. At ABCO Insurance Agency, we help you find the plan that will fit you and your family’s future. So, contact our team today to discuss what kind of plan will work best for you, and rest easy knowing that you don’t have to worry about the future.

Flood Waters

Why You Need to Consider Flood Insurance

If you live along the East Coast, you’ve likely been aware of the heavy rains that have been plaguing the area. Weeks and weeks of rain have left some of the nicest areas in states like New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania ruined and in need of some serious help. Flooding has wreaked havoc on small communities and large communities alike. It does not discriminate, washing out roads and highways and ruining homes of all kinds. And now with the height of hurricane season approaching, you need to consider flood insurance.

More Necessary than You Think

Flood insurance seems like an unnecessary purchase for many. But that isn’t so. Flooding can happen anywhere and is a major catastrophe for homes and businesses. Thinks about the devastation flooding can cause. Say it’s your basement that floods, you may lose anything from stored belongings or entire entertainment sets, depending on what you keep in your basement. But flooding doesn’t always only ruin basements.

Beyond Your Basement

The news has been full of images of homes that have been totally ruined by rain waters. Flooded creeks, rivers, and other bodies of water don’t only cause water damage but allow for the growth of dangerous black mold. And those flood waters aren’t always as clean as the streams that spilled their banks. In fact, flood waters can contain dangerous bacteria, chemicals, and pollutants that can ruin your home. This means you can completely lose your entire home to flood waters.


The good thing is that there are ways to protect your investments from the damages of flooding. ABCO Insurance Agency can help you get a quote on flood insurance that suits you and your needs. That could mean payment to restore and replace your home and belongings, or payment to help you rebuild after a catastrophe.

There’s no reason to leave your home and the investment it represents vulnerable to the possibility of flood damage. By contacting our expert team today, you can prepare yourself for the worst and rest assured that your home and belongings are protects.

So, call us today to discuss your options regarding flood insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or other insurance types you may be seeking.

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Do I Still Need Life Insurance After I Retire? Your Questions Answered

Whether you’re on the cusp of retirement, or it’s still a distant dream, retirement doesn’t necessarily mean total freedom.

There are so many contingencies which may apply.  Beyond ensuring you have sufficient funds available to enjoy your retirement, you may still need to support family members.  You’ll also need to make plans for your final arrangements and those can get expensive.

But your investments may not have panned out as you’d hoped, reducing available funds.  You may have taken early retirement.  There are so many variables when it comes to having a comfortable retirement.

We’re offering this FAQ for those of you asking, “Do I still need life insurance after I retire?”.

So, do I still need it?

The short answer is “yes”.

Just because you’ve stopped working, doesn’t mean that your family obligations and responsibilities have changed.  Those are still there.  And life insurance can provide the support you need to continue to be the stalwart guardian of your family that you’ve always been.

How much do I need?

If you currently have a life insurance policy which replaces working income and you have other funds in place, you may not need as large a policy as you had before retirement.

But having a policy in place is security against contingencies like inheritance taxes, an ongoing mortgage and medical expenses which will inevitably arise as you age.

Any financial exposure you currently have is a good reason to have life insurance.

I don’t have life insurance.  Can I buy now?

Contrary to popular belief, if you’re not covered currently and you’re already retired, you can still buy life insurance.  Your assets may exceed the number of tax exemptions available, meaning you’re on the hook for taxes (or your heirs and assigns will be).

A life insurance policy now can handle that.

What are living benefits?

Should you become ill, your life insurance policy is there to allow you to access needed funds to cover medical expenses, without having to declare bankruptcy to pay for care, through the extended death benefit provision.

Choosing a permanent life insurance policy also allows you to put money away, receiving a better return on your investment than a CD.  This is a no-risk investment which offers you the benefit of money being there when you need it most.

A secure retirement

Everyone dreams of a retirement that’s secure, comfortable and not beset with financial worries.  With a permanent life insurance policy, you can achieve that.

At Abco Insurance, we get you quotes from 25 different companies, allowing you to maintain your quality of life and standard of living while meeting your financial obligations comfortably.

Whatever your priorities and financial obligations are, getting covered gives you and your family peace of mind for a retirement that’s spent enjoying life the way you’ve always dreamed.

You’ve worked hard all your life.  Now it’s time for you to reap the benefits.  Contact Abco Insurance to find out how you can do that without risk.

Firearms and Insurance

Firearms and Coverage on the Home Insurance Policy

Owning a firearm which you keep in your home is not to be taken lightly.  All you need to do is watch the nightly news to understand that negligence is a common problem with firearm ownership and one which causes injury and loss of life.

This post is about addressing getting insured for your firearm, what you need to understand the coverage and ensuring that you’re held coverage in the event of an incident, loss or theft.

Home insurance and the sublimit

Because firearms are portable, usually valuable and easy to grab in the event of a robbery, they’re subject to a sublimit.  While they’re considered personal property, they fall under a different rubric than other items in your home.

Your home insurance policy limits your coverage with respect to firearms, in other words.  They’re covered only in the event of theft and usually in the amount of about $2,500.  You may wish for more secure coverage than this, so it’s always a good idea to have a sit down with your insurer to supplement your policy with respect to firearms.

Two excellent options

The first option to obtain more comprehensive coverage for your firearms is to add a rider to your existing home insurance policy.  Riders cover small, valuable items that represent “above and beyond” risk in terms of insurance (easy to grab).  Conditions for riders are, in general, more generous than for standard policies.  It may be that you’ll be able to cover your firearms for more than just theft, with this type of coverage.

A separate policy for your firearms is probably your best bet.  Finding one is a matter of being connected to firearms groups like the NRA (National Rifle Association).  The NRA and associated affinity groups attract insurers seeking niche markets for their products, so you’ll find the best coverage here.


As we mentioned earlier, the nightly news shares cautionary tales about firearms on an almost daily basis.  That’s why it’s so important for firearms owners to consider the liability implications connected to ownership of a weapon, as well as loss, theft, and damage.

Liability is rarely cut and dried and in a litigious environment like the one we live in, relying on the liability portion of your existing policy is probably not enough protection.

If the nightly news isn’t enough to convince you of your vulnerability to liability, google “homeowner” and then look at the news section.  You’ll see numerous results describing legal problems for homeowners who shot intruders and the legal wrangles that resulted.

A personal umbrella policy which provides additional protection against liability is a good way to ensure you’re covered in the event of an incident which involves one of your firearms.

ABCO Insurance Agency

If you’re a firearms owner, then you need to be aware of your options with respect to insurance coverage that protects you against all the things that can go wrong when you have the responsibility of firearms in the home.

For superior support, contact us.  We’ll ensure your covered.

Car Insurance

Auto Insurance is More than a Legal Necessity

If you weren’t aware, car insurance is a necessity. You can get into legal trouble for not having auto insurance. That’s not the only reason to invest in car insurance, though. When you really think of it, it’s only one small reason you should have a good plan protecting your car.

The Road is Unpredictable

The road can be a crazy place. Thousands of people are on the road at the same time you are. Some of those people are very good drivers. Some of those people are very bad drivers. And there’s no way to control the actions of our fellows on the high way. If they behave badly behind the wheel, there’s little we can do to change that. This makes driving a varied experience every time we hit the road. It also makes it quite possible for someone to hit your car and cause some serious damage. Considering this, it makes sense to protect your vehicle as much as possible and ensure that you’ll have money to repair or replace your car.

Your Car is Expensive

Your car is an expensive piece of equipment. Most people go into considerable debt to afford a reliable and attractive car. With that much money moving at high speeds, you should want to be sure your car is protected. A vehicle is an investment and that means you should protect the time and money you’ve spent on your car. An insurance plan does just that.

Your Car is a Necessary Tool

Aside from the money you spend on your vehicle, it also serves a very necessary service. A car gets you from place to place. When you rely on your car to get you from point A to B, you really cannot afford to lose that mode of transportation. If you wind up in an accident or your car is damaged and unusable, you’ll have no way of getting places. An insurance plan makes sure that you can afford repairs and a rental car, or even a brand-new vehicle if necessary. This means you can get back on the road and get back to your life quickly.

If you’re looking for auto insurance, ABCO Insurance Agency can help. Contact our team today to discuss your options!