Homeowners Insurance – Why You Need It

Your home is one of the most important investments you will make and it’s important to keep it safe. By having homeowners insurance you will cover any costs from damage for the structure of your home, personal possessions (within limits), replacement costs and more. The last thing most homeowners want to do after buying a home and paying for all types of inspections is purchase homeowners insurance, but it is worth every penny.

As stated before, homeowners insurance covers quite a few things. If there is a fire, or other natural disasters, then your homeowners insurance will cover the damage to your home. The types of damages might vary depending on where you live. You will also be protected for liability in the event that someone is hurt on your property.

When it comes to payments it is usually done annually and can change every year depending on where you live and your home’s value. If you are curious as to what your payment would be, then it is wise to get in touch with an insurance agent. Most insurance companies let you decide the amount that you’re personally comfortable with. If your home sustains damage then you should contact your insurance company right away to file a claim so that the company can send out an adjuster to assess the damage. Once this is done, the insurance company will offer your a sum of money for the damage. Keep in mind that filing a claim is for major home damage only.

No two homes are identical so therefore, no two homes will have the same homeowners insurance. Read this informative article online and get in touch with an insurance company today to keep your home safe.



Umbrella Insurance Allows Extra Protection

An umbrella policy provides additional insurance for liability coverage usually ranging from one or two million that is most likely related through automobile accidents, however, can be for accidents that occur at your home as well. Some examples where having umbrella insurance is beneficial is when someone falls down your stairs and sues you or someones child is jumping on your trampoline, breaks an arm and then the parent wants to sue you. In times like these you will have enough coverage so that you don’t end up loosing your assets.

Many people don’t have an umbrella policy because they assume that if they don’t have $1 million in the bank then there’s no need for it. However, most people have more to loose then just money. Your retirement funds, college savings for your kids, investments, future earnings and more are all at risk if you find yourself being sued. If you have any of these types of investments, then an umbrella policy of at least $1 million should be part of your financial plan.

It’s important to keep in mind that auto and home insurance policies need to have a specific level of liability coverage in order for you to have an umbrella policy. Read more about what these requirements are here. You can also set up your payment schedule for your policy. “The average cost for a $1 million policy is $200 annually– which you might find a relatively low price for the peace of mind and security it offers” -Michelle Lerner. Umbrella insurance protects you during those times when your regular policies are exhausted and you are faced with a lawsuit. If you are thinking about getting umbrella insurance or want more information about it, contact an agency today to learn more.


Legal Fines

Driving without car insurance is illegal. If a driver is in an accident or pulled over by the police, one of the consequences of not having insurance includes receiving a fine. While the specific dollar amount of the fine varies from state to state, all states require that drivers carry valid car insurance. You might also have to deal with substantial court costs and other requirements imposed on you by the state.

No Protection For Others

If one driver causes an accident, the other driver must be compensated for the loss of their vehicle. Without insurance, the driver at fault is monetarily responsible for covering all of these and more. Also, the uninsured would be personally responsible for all their court costs in addition to paying for the other driver’s replacement vehicle, medical costs, and whatever else they ask for.