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Main Street Business Owners:
ABCO has you covered!

Your stores, shops and offices are a key part of our communities and our local economy.  You deserve the best business insurance in NJ. Your business has been built on service and value, well so is ours.  After 30 years covering businesses like yours here in the Delaware Valley, we know you expect the same exceptional service and value from your professionals.Whether you own a store, shop, office or service, Abco has the experience and resources to protect your PEOPLE, PROPERTY & PROFIT!

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Professional Liability

If you provide a service, advice, consulting or a business process that could lead to a financial loss to a customer, the answer is YES! Doesn’t my GL/BOP policy cover me? General Liability policies typically only cover two things: Bodily Injury & Property Damage. So a great deal of additional exposure exists for professionals.

Your GL or BOP carrier may be quick to deny your claim and assert that they have no duty to defend you as result of a suit or claim based on your professional service. Even the most confident professionals understand that the cost of defense for a professional liability claim would compromise their practice and financial well being far greater than the minimal cost of a Professional Liability policy.

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ABCO's Construction Practice Group
has the

Tools to build your insurance plan.

You can’t become a master craftsman in a year.  It takes years of experience, training and the right tools and materials to deliver the quality your customers expect.  ABCO has been servicing area builders & contractors for 30 years.

Tools of Our Trade:

Our toolbox is filled with insurance programs from the very best companies in the Construction market.  We will match your company with the right coverage, rates and services you need to protect your company, remain competitive and win more bids at the right price!

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Restaurant & Tavern Owners

You handle the taste, ABCO Insurance will handle the recipe for protection!

You have invested heavily in your restaurant and ABCO will partner with you to protect your restaurant, property, people and profits. You buy your ingredients from the best suppliers so your customers enjoy quality and so do we!  We have highly rated and respected insurance markets that are hungry for new business of all flavors. ABCO will craft a comprehensive insurance program for your restaurant or tavern including key coverages that are critical to the food & beverage service business.

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Let our Technology Practice Group partner

with you to protect your growing IT Firm

Many computer and technology related businesses first experience the Business Insurance & Professional Liability purchase when they are pressing to secure their first large contract where they have been presented a lengthy list of Insurance Requirements.

Our Technology Practice Group works with leaders in the technology insurance space to satisfy your insurance and contract indemnification needs, many times under one policy and for an annual investment of as little as $1,250.

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Real Estate Owners:
ABCO protects your portfolio and your profits

You choose which buildings to purchase based on a good foundation, quality construction and potential ROI.  We build insurance plans to cover your real estate holdings the same way.

Your Building Is Your Business

Any loss or catastrophe that affects the condition of your building has a negative impact on your tenants, building and profitability.  ABCO will help you protect your PROPERTY & PROFIT!

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