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Beware the Spring Thaw: Be Prepared for Bad Weather

Spring is officially here and with it goes the worries of winter. No more snow and ice to make people anxious. But don’t let up your guard just yet. Spring brings its own bag of troubles that you need to be ready for. As the Spring thaw begins, keep the following in mind to protect your home from possible disaster.

Late Winter Weather

The beginning of spring does not necessarily mean the end of winter weather. Snow and ice can still find their way into our forecast. It’s best not to put away the shovel, blankets, and ice scrapers just yet. A late freeze can mean a bad day for people who have started their spring cleaning too early.


Once everything does start to thaw and the snow and ice are gone there is another major risk: water. Snow melt, spring-time rains, and swollen streams can still lead to major flooding in the spring. Despite the expectant flowers and buzzing bees being foremost in our minds in March and April, flooding is a natural phenomenon that often rears its ugly head in the early spring. So, it’s best to be prepared.


Along with the flooding, snow melt and spring rain also bring another major problem: mud. The early Spring is one of the muddiest times of the year. Any collected snow has seeped into the ground. The warmer weather has thawed the icy topsoil. Rains continue to make matters worse. It all lead to potentially nasty conditions, especially in areas where mudslides area potential threat. Aside from that, though, soft muddy ground is highly conducive to massive power outages. The soft ground coupled with a strong wind can easily bring down trees starting to bud their greenery and flowers. So, keep an eye on trees around your home and don’t pack away that generator just yet.

Be Prepared

With all of these risks that the early spring offers, it’s best to be prepared for any eventuality. With homeowner’s and flood insurance from ABCO Insurance Agency Inc., you can take some of the worry out of it all. This means you can welcome the spring and get ready for better weather ahead without worry.

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